Spinolution Studio Chair

Spinolution Studio Chair


With the SpinOlution studio chair, you can customize the height to have ergonomic alignment to your orifice for comfortable production and hobby spinning. We recommend a height where your back is straight and your heels rest on the ground when seated.  

Chair Dimensions:

  • 15" width (between side rails)

  • 11" Front to back (before the curve begins)

  • 14.5” Lowest height (at the lowest curve point in front)

  • 17” Highest height (at the lowest curve point in front)

Mike Pauly designed this chair from the same Baltic Birch as the SpinOlution spinning wheel collection so it matches beautifully in your complete fiber arts studio. It can be ordered with or without the heart shape in the front of the seat.

A carrying handle on the back of the chair makes it easy to transport after assembly. 

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