Custom Made Hand Woven Wrap/Scarf- Made to Order

Custom Made Hand Woven Wrap/Scarf- Made to Order


This is a made to order wrap/scarf/shawl. I hand dye, spin and weave all of this with the exception of the warping threads I use. Those end up usually being cotton or bamboo. The yarns used in each piece are a super soft wool, Merino, Cormo, or Corriedale for example. I only use the softest wools from farms I know and trust. No itchiness or bad feelings! I use thinner yarns to make the wrap light weight, yet warm and cozy. I use a variety of colors from my stash, so if there is a color you don't want in there or a color you would love to see in there, just let me know ahead of time. This will never be exactly like any other wrap I make, just similar.

The wrap ends up being around 18ish inches wide and about 10ish feet long.


I do not accept returns or refunds on the wraps.

Handwash these in cold water and mild soap or wool wash. Roll up in a towel and press water out then lay out to dry on a rack or hanger.

Thank you, Jullie, for the amazing photographs!
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